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PR giant looks for local firm to build revenue

THE public relations firm Edelman is exploring joint ventures with research and digital agencies asit looks to double the size of its business in Australia.

John Singleton Pitches For Qantas Business

QANTAS is in the throes of a pitch for a major brand assignment with its rostered advertising agencies plus an interloper in the guise of John Singleton lining up to snaffle the business.

Move To Lift Credit Rating Agencies From D To Aaa

THIS week the crunch finally came for credit rating agencies - those indispensable yet fallible institutions pilloried worldwide for their role in the subprime crisis.

An Unfinished Business

Child abuse in Aboriginal communities will not diminish until endemic disadvantage is seriously tackled and eradicated, writes Rex Wild.

Put The Hard Word On These

WITH all the focus on business innovation these days, why doesn't someone invent swearing-friendly technology? Surely someone can make a fax machine that, when you yell: "Why the f$%^# don't you work you f$^%# b$%%&$?" responds with: "Yes, of course, sir. I will be only too happy to clear more